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The Perfect Travel Container

The multiuse Tightvac easily fits into your pocket or purse and is just the coolest little Vac. The ultimate storage container for vitamins, homeopathic medicine, herbs & spices, prescription drugs (prolongs potency), and more. Terrific for small items such as gaskets, o-rings, headphones, buttons, beads, pins, bracelets, rings, jewelry (won't tarnish), and hundreds of other things. Ladies, it's crush resistant. Purse approved.

Dimensions: 2-3/4" tall x 1-5/8" diameter (7.6 cm x 4 cm)

Dry Goods Capacity: 0.7 oz / 20g / 0.06 liter

Recommended Uses:

Advil PM - 40 coated caplets

Kroger Aspirin - 100 coated caplets

Medical Herbs - 1/8th / 5 grams

Triple AAA batteries - 8 count

50 Multi-Size Safety pins, 2.5 oz.

Garlic&Onion powder



Are the Vacs smell-proof?

The Tightvac patented system can preserve goods for 1 year and beyond by allowing products to breathe and degas. Almost all food goods are smell-proof inside the Vacs. However, some products like freshly roasted coffee and medical herbs may degas, leaking their odor. Our 2-way valve allows gas build up to slowly escape - without letting oxygen in. This is one of the main reasons it can preserve goods for long periods.

Note: For medical herbs that are sticky & smelly, we recommend using a solid zip-lock bag inside the Vac. This helps contain the smell and keeps the area clean where the body and the cap meet. This is essential to create a smell-proof situation. The sticky resin often created by these products can compromise the open and close system, causing the caps to crack when opening and closing under such pressure of a glue-like substance. Keep these areas free from resin buildup. Use a productlike Grundge off. Thus maximizing the efficiency of use and longevity of the acts.

Is it moisture and oxygen free?

Yes, the Tightvac patented system keeps moisture and oxygen out -these elements cannot enter the container unless you remove the cap.