RAW Double Pouch Zipper Bag With Aluminum Bag

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RAW Double Pouch Zipper Bag With Aluminum Bag
New and improved! The RAW enhanced smokers pouch has 5 layers of smell resistant materials and a full-foil removable insert bag! Intelligently designed to keep your materials extra fresh and lock in terps. Other bags may rob your terps with direct charcoal contact. RAW locks them in the foil and any smells that may escape the lock are then caught in the level 2 charcoal filter section. The dual bag-in-bag smelllock foil makes spilled materials easy to get out (they won’t get stuck on the materials like other bags). The zippers are siliconized and water resistant.

Raw Smell Proof Bag
Black Tonal

1 x RAW Double Pouch Zipper Bag 
1 x RAW Aluminum Bag (Inside Black Bag) 

Available Sizes: