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"RAW BLACK PRE-ROLLED W-WIDE TIPS" likely refers to a specific product from the RAW brand, a well-known manufacturer of smoking accessories, mainly rolling papers and tips for smoking herbs or tobacco. Here's a breakdown of each component of the product name:

RAW: RAW is a famous brand that produces natural, unbleached, and additive-free rolling papers, tips, and other smoking accessories.

BLACK: "Black" in this context probably refers to the color of the rolling papers or tips. Black rolling papers are often made from unbleached, natural fibers, giving them a distinctive appearance compared to traditional white rolling papers.

PRE-ROLLED: "Pre-rolled" indicates that the rolling tips are already rolled into a cylindrical shape, making them ready for use without manual rolling.

W-WIDE TIPS: "W-Wide Tips" likely means the tips are wide-sized. These wide tips are generally broader than regular-sized tips and are used to create larger joints, allowing for more airflow and a smoother smoking experience.

Overall, the product you mentioned appears to be a pack of pre-rolled wide tips in black color, designed for ease of use when rolling joints and providing a more enjoyable smoking experience. Please note that using any smoking-related products is subject to local laws and regulations, and using them responsibly and legally is essential.