Milkyway MK-1319 - Hybrid Engine 9’’ Slime Dab Rig

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Length: 9 Inches (23 cm)

Joint: 14 mm
Thickness: 5-9 mm
Color:  Slime
Version: 1.0
Release Date: Feb 2023

This highly detailed rig is the first piece from our highly anticipated ‘Quantum-Tech’ collection.  It feature our signature heart, brain and lung icons and contains a showerhead perc.  A very comfortable pull!

SKU: MK-1319

An advanced Alien species called the ‘Pherah’ had colonized the Triangulum galaxy, (2.73 million light-years from Earth). They had two main forms of technology, Bio-Tech and Quantum-Tech. This glass rig represents both technologies.

Quantum-Tech is a technology created to manipulate dark matter (and gravity). Giving them unlimited resources. They used this technology to generate energy, mold solar systems, and create new ones. They used this to colonize their own galaxy. And now they search to venture out.

It began with the pursuit of acquiring lightspeed capabilities, the Pherah had discovered that quantum particles can be manipulated through a discovery of a sub-particle function that came to be known as ‘M-Waves’.

They sought to build a machine that could emit this wave but failure was no surprise.  Until they had a breakthrough… The Pherah discovered that certain biological organs naturally emit M-Waves.  This means that all life forms are constantly communicating with this quantum field, influencing and being influenced by it.

They started to experiment with different organs, coming to the conclusion that the brain, heart and lungs emit the most M-Waves.  Soon after, they created the first fully functional light speed engine, a technological marvel that came to power their giant space vessels across the universe.